My name is Olivia Moorkens.

I was born in Thailand and adopted at the age of three months.

Originally a graphic designer, it was traveling all over the world that encouraged me to choose my own path. Driven by my passion for eyewear, I enrolled in the MOF* Eyeglass Craftsmanship school in France, where I was taught the art of making eyewear.

Today, I am glad to call my passion my profession!

“My dream is to see people with a smile on their face because they are wearing MEO sunglasses”



Every frame starts as a simple drawing. When finished, it gets cut out of a piece of stiff plastic.


Using a fine piece of chalk, the design is transferred to a sheet of acetate.


With the help of a bezel, the frame’s front is cut from the acetate sheet.
Then, I use a round file to make sure it is perfectly smooth.


In the same way, the temples emerge and are filed, gently, by hand. After attaching the nose pads and letting the glue dry overnight, the frame is finally assembled.


That’s the way I create handmade frames.